Private and Family-Owned Companies

The Right Choice for Private
and Family-Owned Companies


Because VisionSpark specializes in cultural fit, we are the perfect solution for private companies’ and family-owned businesses’ hiring needs.

We understand that every company is unique in its culture and values. Our rigorous hiring method helps companies identify and utilize their core values to outline ideal candidate traits. Our consistently proven process leads to candidates with the desired skills, personality, values and culture necessary for success in your organization — guaranteed.

  • Fairport Asset Management
  • Meridian Bird Removal
  • Autobahn Indoor Speedway
  • Blantons
  • SYM Financial Advisors
  • Prima Power
  • Mike Mariola Restaurants
  • Crystal Valley Coop
  • VisionSpark client MarketingWorks
  • McWane Ductile
  • It's Just Lunch
  • Roll Bicycles
  • RMG Rex Materials Group
  • Knott Brake Company
  • Irvin Public Relations
  • One Seven
  • Midwest Retail
  • Converse Electric
  • Adept Marketing
  • VisionSpark client Polaris