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Impact of a Great #2 Leader Hire

Healthy Leadership Teams

Supported by Strong #2 Leaders

Reduce Your Strain

You're not on the hook for every emergency.

Regain Your Freedom

So you can invest in other passions and opportunities

Peace of Mind

Your team, your business, and your income are in good hands.

YOY Revenue Growth on Avg. of $1m

Grow Your Business Faster

More Scale - Less Headache

12 Months after placing a #2 Leader businesses report back an average of $1m in new revenue

Next Steps for Finding the Right Leader

3 Step process to finding your #2 Leader

Meet Your Client Success Team

Not every leader is ready for a #2 Leader Search. Our team will hear your pain points and give you an honest recommendation on how to move forward.

Hear Directly From Our Clients

Chad Johnson, Entrepreneur, Author, Coach, Father of Eleven

Strategic Coach

Alec and the VisionSpark team are the best at finding your right fit Number 2 Leader.  They understand their client's unique needs and always go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service. I highly recommend them for finding top-notch talent and expertise!

David J. Zumpano, CPA, Esq., Founder

Lawyers with Purpose, LLC

Before hiring my #2 leader, I was trying to re-grow the company from a previous bad hire. I had done a decent job but realized it wasn't my best skill. I wanted to scale the business, but my skill was more of the big picture visionary. Working with VisionSpark enabled me to delegate the difficult task of hiring the right person to their knowledgeable team that did all the heavy lifting and kept me involved and informed every step of the way. VisionSpark conducted a thorough and comprehensive hiring process up to the very last day, as the very last candidate that came in ended up being the best fit for Lawyers with Purpose! Now 2 years later she has become the #1 in scaling my vision!

Shannon Waller, Entrepreneurial Team Strategist

Strategic Coach

Entrepreneurs who need a “Who” to elevate their leadership teams, look no further. Alec and his team at VisionSpark use science-based tools (which I've personally found very insightful) and a proven process to help you recruit exactly who you're looking for, especially when it comes to hiring your #2 leader.

Our Guarantee

We stay on the job up to 12 months on our own dime if needed. After that, we refund any payments made to date if we are unsuccessful.


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