Our Strategic Partners can help transform your business through growth:

Marketing Works

Marketing Works is an integrated business-to-business firm of strategists and execution specialists that align marketing initiatives and business goals to maximize your investment. We grow your business through Brand Strategy (e.g., messaging and identity), Demand Generation (e.g., PR, collateral and digital lead generation), Sales Enablement (e.g., journey mapping and lead scoring) and Client Engagement (e.g., retention programs).

Assist Pro LLC

AssistPro™ LLC provides top-notch operational and administrative support to business coaches, solopreneurs, and EOS Implementers™.  Their proprietary matching process provides you and your practice with the specific support and traits you need in a Managing Assistant.

AssistPro’s Managing Assistants are immersed in the culture, core values, and language of EOS® from day one. Each of their EOS Managing Assistants has been trained on the EOS Admin Process™, and they understand the ins and outs of the work EOS Implementers™ perform.

With a trustworthy right hand, you can Delegate and Elevate™ your practice. No more missed emails, lost leads, unconfirmed appointments, or open schedules. AssistPro is ready to help you reach your goals.

Traction Works

Traction.works helps frustrated business owners gain more time, money, and freedom. A professional EOS® Implementer and career entrepreneur, Sandy Fekete teaches, facilitates, and coaches entrepreneurial leadership teams to clarify their vision, gain traction to bring the vision to life, and foster a healthy team. Using the simple, proven, and practical Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) tools, you’ll master the six key components that drive every business: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction. When your company is running on EOS, you’ll get everything you want from your business.


ProfitWorks is obsessed with helping you get what you want from your business. Alex Freytag and Tom Bouwer are experienced entrepreneurial leaders who have dedicated themselves to helping others find the results, peace, and independence the EOS® system and its tools bring. We help your leadership team and your entire workforce simplify, clarify and achieve your vision.


At Boost, we believe that you deserve to be paid well for delivering exceptional products and best-in-class services.  We deliver energetic, interactive and transformative workshops that can help you:

● Become fearless about making smart, strategic pricing moves.

● Get paid what you’re worth.

● Increase profitability, swiftly and seamlessly.




Campen Group

The Campen Group offers executive coaching and training in customer service excellence, leadership, and corporate culture development. Through these four services, we help leaders and organizations build a foundation of loyalty among their employees and customers.

Many entrepreneurial businesses need help implementing the same structure in their sales and marketing organizations that make them successful both operationally and financially.

At Convergo we help companies that use EOS® create and execute revenue growth plans so they can hit their V/TO™ 1, 3, and 10 year targets.

Our Proven Process starts with an Explore meeting to assess a mutual fit, then we co-author a Revenue Growth Plan, then help you execute the plan.

Delegate Solutions has been providing virtual consultative executive support to busy entrepreneurial leaders and their teams across North America since 2007. They help entrepreneurs scale their business by tackling tedious, yet critical, administrative tasks so they can free up more of their time to focus on the big picture. They can help with daily essentials like inbox, calendar, and tasks or also tackle more advanced support with things like process design, delegation strategy, project management, weekly planning, and accountability. With Delegate Solutions, there are NO HR hassles to find, manage and retain talent. And, you’ll have the added benefit of a team of both thinkers and doers who will recommend delegation strategies and execute on those solutions.

Their mission for their team and their clients is to: Create freedom for people to do what they love and have a big impact.

If you already know what you need to delegate, a good next step would be to complete their Right Fit Scorecard to see if they are a fit for you and your business.

If you need help determining what you can and should be delegating, take advantage of Delegate Solutions’ complimentary 15-minute Freedom Analysis consultation.