Design Outreach (DO) is a Christian research and development organization that seeks to alleviate global poverty by creating innovative, life-sustaining solutions that help transform marginalized and low-income communities physically, economically, and spiritually. As a team of engineers with diverse experience and areas of expertise, DO focuses on innovative products that improve the lives of the most marginalized and vulnerable people living in developing countries. As followers of Jesus Christ, we desire to share and show God’s love by providing technologies that empower people to break the cycle of poverty.

Our flagship product LifePump™ has made a significant impact on water poverty by providing a sustainable source of safe water in rural communities, and we continue to prioritize our work in this critical area.

She Has A Name is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to engaging the community, strengthening the anti-human trafficking ecosystem in central Ohio, and empowering those locally impacted by this issue.

We act as a community resource through training. Start with right knowledge through our quarterly classes, bring our training to your group, or learn online anytime from anywhere.

We act as a resource to all those impacted by human trafficking by providing support groups for survivors, thrivers, and solicitors. We believe in coming alongside survivors in their pursuit of success; whether that’s higher education or a dream.