The Talent Impact Profile™️ (TIP)

Science Based Hiring Tool

What is the Talent Impact Profile (TIP)?

“It’s the greatest ROI on talent searches”

A science based assessment to predict future job performance

The TIP helps you ensure you get the right people into the right seats

The TIP can be used for every hire at any level in your organization. 

The Talent Impact Profile measures six mental aptitude learning skills and correlates them with ten personality dimensions to create a comprehensive, multi-faceted candidate profile.

The profile comes with behavioral interview questions to probe areas of potential concern. The Talent Impact Profile is highly reliable for predicting future job performance.

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"The cost of a TIP is always less than the cost of a mis-hire"

How the TIP Stacks up Against Other Assessments

No other traditional assessment covers as many key attributes of a great hire.
Talent Impact Profile compared against popular assessments like Kolbe, DISC and others

Use an Assessment that Aligns with Your Company's Goals.

Understanding the different aspects and measurements that assessments can offer is key.

At VisionSpark, we strive to provide you with a holistic understanding of whomever you have taking our assessment.
We are confident in the value that we know it will bring to your company and are transparent about how our assessment, the Talent Impact Profile™ (TIP), compares to other assessments based on what they measure.

  • Conative: This aspect relates to your psyche’s inclination towards action, volition, and striving. It explores your natural inclinations, motivations, and how you approach tasks and challenges.


  • Affective: The affective domain encompasses emotions, feelings, attitudes, and values. It’s important to note that the majority (95%+) of the 1100+ assessments on the market fall under the personality (affective) category.


  • Cognitive: The cognitive domain involves mental processes such as knowledge acquisition, comprehension, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

How We Use the Talent Impact Profile

Teams that understand each other, work better together!

Right Fit Profiler™

The Right Fit Profiler™ is part of the Vision Spark search process (or a separate tool to make sure you’re hiring with confidence).  The Right Fit Profiler™ is a combination of the Talent Impact Profile (TIP) and our Leadership Behavioral Analysis.


Goal: Find a candidate who is likely to succeed and has a scienced based proclivity to succeed as a Leader

Team Analyzer

Team Analyzer is part of our Team Health services.  Your team will take the TIP analysis and go through a workshop with the VisionSpark team to help your team understand how they work together!

Goal: Increase team health, team working environment, and become more productive!

Side by Side

The Side by Side is part of the Vision Spark search process. We will do a Talent Impact Profile (TIP) of the candidate (or current employee) and the supervising manager.

Goal: Set the relationship up for success. Help each other understand how they can best work together.