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 Exploring New Opportunities?

Visionspark is not a placement agency, and because of the unique, custom nature of our searches, we do not maintain a database of candidates. However, if you would like to stay informed of open positions, please follow our company page on LinkedIn.

Though our primary goal is to provide our client companies with the best candidates for their positions, there are also many benefits to the candidates whom we are able to identify as good matches. Our hiring process is designed to locate candidates who are aligned with a company’s culture, and with the role.

The good news for candidates is the fit works both ways.  When you are hired through our strategic process, you are more likely to stay with your new company for a longer period of time. You are more likely to be appreciated for your strengths and get the support you need to reach your optimum performance. Ultimately, our hiring approach results in happier employers and happier hires.


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