About VisionSpark

VisionSpark is a boutique executive search firm in the Greater Columbus, Ohio metro area. We help companies across the country hire top-performing leaders who fit their culture, with guaranteed results. Our strategic hiring process ensures long-term fit and bottom-line growth.

Building Partnerships

Rooted with strong Midwestern values, we foster deep relationships with our clients and build an in-depth understanding of their business and culture. We are invested in our clients’ success.

Hiring for Cultural Alignment & Company Growth

Clients who are focused on company growth choose us because they understand that growth requires having the right people in the right seats. They believe, as we do, that culture and leadership alignment are ingredients critical to company performance and growth. Many of our clients have adopted the EOS Model™ and seek an EOS® aligned hiring system to ensure the cultural fit they need to grow their business.

Non-Recruiter Approach

We have been called “the antithesis, or opposite of a recruiter,” and we think it fits. We don’t work from a candidate database. Each search is customized for your company, your culture, and your needs. Our rigorous hiring process is research-based and proven effective. We provide candidates’ strengths and weaknesses and explain how those might affect future performance. Through benchmarks, customized interview questions, and insights, we give you the data you need to make informed hiring decisions and get better performance from your hire.

Process = Results

We go significantly deeper than traditional search firms or recruiters, and the difference is clear in our results. We have earned a 99% client satisfaction rate, and we guarantee our work. Our process gets you the right leaders in the right seats.

“Like all excellent executive search firms, VisionSpark is tremendously capable at finding and qualifying great talent, but what makes them unique is their ability to find you candidates who are a long-term cultural fit and can achieve excellent results. And of course that they do it so naturally—both with a structured approach and a great human touch—makes them really stand out.”    – Client


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