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VisionSpark’s search services are focused around your most critical asset—the People Component™ of your self-managing company. And that begins with defining exactly what kind of leader you need to add to your Unique Ability Team™. If you don’t know, that’s where we’ll start!

We work with companies to define the needed position that will fill in the gaps, relieve a workload, or take on specialized tasks your current team is not equipped to handle. In the Position Maximer™ stage of the VisionSpark Proven Process, we consult with stakeholders and hold brainstorming sessions to determine the qualities of your next Superstar. We work with you and your team to define the position focusing on the specialized tasks of the role as well as the characteristics, traits, and values for success.

In our Source & Screen™ step, we will post the position, score resumes, screen top applicants, and send you the candidates who meet your qualifications. Then you will interview those candidates for a culture fit.

After you’ve narrowed your candidate pool to your top candidates, we will use the Right-Fit Profiler™ tool to track the results of our leadership skill evaluation, the Achiever Assessment, and the behavioral interviews. You will be armed with the information and data you need to conduct final interviews that will identify your Superstar for your open position. Then you can make an offer!

With VisionSpark’s Leadership Search services, you can rest assured we will find that Superstar for your open seat. And we will be by your side the whole way, with regular communication about our progress. We will be available to answer your questions and provide our experienced insights to help you make the best hiring decision possible. 

Our process has been successful at any level of leadership on your Accountability Chart. We are passionate about helping you meet your goals, grow your team of qualified team members, and Hire With Confidence™!

You can learn more about this service and the 12-month guarantee on your new hire by scheduling a hiring strategy session with us!