The Achiever™ for Team Assessments


Use assessments to better understand
and manage your team — not just for hiring! 

Get the same valuable insights we provide for your candidates,
no matter how long ago you hired them.


Examples of how companies use the Achiever to boost their performance:

  • To do workforce studies. We recently used Achiever results from a company’s top performers to identify common patterns and key strengths. These will be used as custom benchmarks for the company’s future hires.
  • To boost employee effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction by using Achiever results to understand employee strengths, work styles, capabilities, and preferences.
  • To identify missed opportunities for training and development among current team members.
  • To evaluate the leadership team and learn how to leverage their strengths for increased productivity.


Learn more: Download a one-page pdf about interpreting Achiever Assessment scores.

Achiever Assessment Guide

“We both found the results insightful – I’m sure you hear that all the time – and I’m glad we gave the Achiever a test-run on our current employees before using it on our new hires. It gave us a whole new perspective on how useful it can be. Thanks, Kara.”

— Molly Engle, Zimmerman Co.