Professional Search Services


For professional to mid-level positions 


Until recently, VisionSpark’s hiring services were reserved for executive-level leadership positions. However, our philosophy is that hiring for fit should extend across the organization to maximize opportunities for business growth. Our service expansion addresses that gap and brings our offerings into alignment with our hiring philosophy. Our new professional and mid-level search services make it easier for our clients to make right-fit hires for all important roles, not just leadership positions.

The same proven hiring process and guaranteed results that we include in our leadership search services. For sales positions, managerial, supervisory, and other professional roles.

If you have been using recruiters, you’ll find our approach is completely different. Our rigorous hiring process is research-based and customized to your company, your culture, and your unique needs. After interviewing and thoroughly vetting qualified candidates, we assess their strengths and weaknesses, letting you know how they might affect future performance. With benchmarks, insights, and customized interview questions, we give you everything you need to make an informed hiring decision and bring out the best performance in your new employee.

“You guys were great. Yes, it was quite inexpensive and there is no doubt we would have paid a recruiter for NOTHING. A recruiter would simply have sent our new hire here and collected the percentage of salary. Worked great. Thanks again.”                                                                                                                                                         — Mike McGuire, Zink Foodservice, Managing Partner

Our strategic approach to hiring ensures you always get the right person for long-term cultural fit and bottom-line growth. In every role.