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VisionSpark team

Introducing VisionSpark’s New Logo

January 11, 2019 Introducing our new logo… Exciting news! After seven years in business, we are updating our logo as part of the ongoing evolution of the VisionSpark brand. Just as we help clients grow through strategic hiring, our...

power of vulnerability

The Power of Vulnerability

  This guest post is from Alex Freytag, Certified EOS Implementer, of ProfitWorks, LLC. Many teams gloss over the Level 10 Meeting check-in with good news like, “I had a good weekend” or “The weather is nice.” I recently...

Interviewing Tips

How Business Leaders Can Conduct Better Interviews

  Interviewing is not always the domain of human resources. When you find yourself in the interviewer seat as a business leader, these tips will help you get the information you need to make better hiring decisions. “A typical interview is...

stop fishing in shallow applicant pools

How to Stop Fishing in Shallow Applicant Pools

  When it comes to hiring, bigger is definitely better. The bigger your applicant pool, the more likely you will end up with a “right fit” employee who will perform and stay for the long term. Shallow applicant pools...

Hiring for Logistics

How to Overcome Logistics Industry Challenges with a Hiring Process

  This article was originally published in The Ackerman Company’s WAREHOUSING FORUM volume 31, number 6. Having trouble keeping your seats filled? A hiring process can help. In a 2014 report from MHI, materials handling and logistics thought leaders...

Prevent Panic Hires

The ABC’s of Preventing Panic Hires: Be Prepared

Panic hires don’t happen to prepared companies. If you want to prevent panic hires, the secret is to always have a team of qualified “players” on the bench, ready to jump in the game when called upon.   Good...

attract right fit hires

How to Attract “Right Fit” Candidates and Hire Your Match

Are you struggling to attract right fit candidates? If so, you aren’t alone. After all, hiring for “fit” leads to positive outcomes that include greater employee commitment, longevity with the organization, superior job performance, productivity and job satisfaction. Those outcomes have...

Why Do Stay Interviews?

Retain Company Leaders by Using Stay Interviews

Conduct regular stay interviews with every employee you can’t afford to lose in 2016. As you fine tune your company’s strategic plan for the coming year, consider that your key leaders may not be there to implement it. According...

Last Minute Hiring Tips

Help! I’m Hiring Someone Tomorrow…What Do I Do?

  So, you’re hiring someone tomorrow and you’re scrambling to do it well. First of all, we strongly suggest you not rush into hiring, due to the increased likelihood of making a mistake which results in lower performance, cultural...

How seasoned executives make hiring mistakes

How Seasoned Executives Make Hiring Mistakes

  This post originally appeared on the Relā Blog. The idea that even the best business leaders are failing at anything may be challenging to accept. Business owners and executives are generally skilled at wearing many hats. Their confidence and...

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