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Our Hiring Process is More Rigorous, and Our Results Prove It:


We go significantly deeper than traditional search firms or recruiters, and the difference is clear in our results.


First, we define your true hiring needs.


Then we customize our proven process using objective tools to thoroughly vet all applicants equally.


Our process gets you the right leaders in the right seats, the right way, and therefore we guarantee our work.

VisionSpark Client Partners

  • “VisionSpark has a robust hiring methodology that actually isnt as costly (or hit-or-miss) as traditional recruitment methods. We used their process in finding our chief sales officer and could not be happier.”

    Mark Lauber, Tusco Display

  • “The VisionSpark process takes a strategic view to hiring. It removes the ‘gut-feeling’ hires and spends more time up front than we have in the past. The systems used to engage coworkers are invaluable to build team support. You always hear the saying, ‘People are our most valuable asset.’ Companies that use this process truly believe that philosophy.”

    Kevin Stoller, Martin Public dba

  • “Being a small/mid-sized family-owned manufacturing business located in the upper Midwest, VisionSpark was a perfect fit for us. The best part was the way they focused on finding the right fit for our organization.”

    Jerry Vogel, Wigwam Mills

  • Mindset Digital
  • Crockett Facilities Services
  • Leading Edje
  • Polaris Automation
  • Winzeler Stamping Company
  • Kenneth’s Hair Salons & Day Spas
  • Marketing Works
  • Tusco
  • Boelte-Hall
  • Plymouth Foam

Choose VisionSpark when:

You can’t afford to hire the wrong person for a key role.   Key Leader Search View our Key Leader Search
You need an EOS®-aligned hiring process.   EOS aligned hiring Learn how we help EOS® companies.
You prefer a fixed-fee engagement.   fixed fee engagement See how we’re different.
A recruiter isn’t producing the candidates you need.   recruiter can't produce candidates Explore our non-recruiter approach.
You are looking for hiring partners with a vested interest in your success.   hiring partners See how we work with clients.
You want objective data to make informed hiring decisions.   data for objective hiring decisions View our Talent Forensics™
You need long-term, high-performance hires with less turnover and fewer problems.   high-performance long-term hires Learn about our Achiever Assessment™
You want better performance from your current team.     better performance from your current team Explore Team Assessments
You want to hire for the bottom line every time you hire.   hire the right person every time you hire View our Hiring System Training

Hiring is an investment.

Choosing the wrong candidate can cost your company three to 15 times their salary, and 278 hours in wasted time.

Avoid these high costs with VisionSpark’s proven hiring process.

Our hiring approach is more detailed, more strategic, and more thoughtful.

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