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A Webinar You Can't Afford to Miss

The Business Impact of a Right Fit #2 Leader

The right fit #2 Leader is the difference between stagnation and acceleration.

Our incredible panel will discuss building your small business around having a #2 Leader as well as the business impact the right fit one can have!

Date: 2/28/2024
Time: 10am -11am EST

Meet Our Panel

Alec Broadfoot

Visionary & CEO, VisionSpark

Shannon Waller

Entrepreneurial Team Strategy and Director of Marketing, Strategic Coach

Lisa Gonzalez

Certified EOS Implementer©️ & Co-Authoer of, PROCESS!Processable

John Vidosh

COO & #2 Leader, VisionSpark

Mark Whitmore

Pinnacle Business Guide, Owner & Head Coach, Loadstone True North

Rebecca Lockwood

Founder and Head Coach, MOOR Strategic Growth

Topics We'll Discuss

Return on Investment

  • The cost of a wrong #2 hire
  • Impact on improving revenue and profit
  • What to measure in their performance


  • What are the right skills they need to bring
  • Natural tendencies (Process, Leadership, etc)
  • The impact of direct experience


  • Impact of values and culture alignment
  • The grit to do what needs to be done
  • What to look for in #1 and #2 relationship fit