Achiever™ Assessments 


Candidate Screening & More

The Achiever behavioral assessment is our most popular tool and offers the greatest ROI for most hiring purposes. It can be used for every hire at any level in your organization. Incorporate it into your hiring process to assist with candidate screening and selection, or use it with current employees as a team assessment tool.


Get the Right People in the Right Seats 

The Achiever measures six cognitive learning skills and correlates them with ten personality dimensions to create a comprehensive, multi-faceted candidate profile. The profile comes with behavioral interview questions to probe areas of potential concern. The Achiever is highly reliable for predicting future job performance. It also has high validity (80%-95%, depending on the distortion score).

This is the tool you need
if you want to hire the right person!

Use the Achiever to screen candidates during the selection process or for team assessments.

“The cost of an Achiever is always lower than the cost of a mis-hire.”
– Alec Broadfoot, VisionSpark CEO