Key Leader Search 


When filling a leadership position — including any Integrator, vice president or other upper-level management position — there is little room for error. Our proven hiring process delivers the guaranteed results you need when you can’t afford to make a hiring mistake.

We deliver top-performing, right-fit candidates when you need to make critical leadership hires.

Each of our searches is designed specifically for your company, your culture, your values, and the person you need to fill your role. We cast a wide net to discover your most qualified applicants, using a research-based tool to evaluate which candidates are the best fit. We provide interview tools so you can ask your top candidates the important questions, and then we advise you as you make your hiring decision.

Our strategic approach to hiring ensures you always get the right person for long-term cultural fit and bottom-line growth.

“Tim has been a great leader! It has been almost like a fairy tale. July has been our best month ever, and I was not even here — my wife and I were traveling to Italy and France.”
— Will Blanton, President, Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric