Integrator Search for Companies Running on EOS® 


We understand how important it is for companies running on EOS® to find Integrators who are the right fit for their company. Our hiring process is carefully designed to ensure cultural alignment of top-performing leaders with the companies we serve. If your company is in search of an Integrator to execute your company’s vision and create organizational focus, we can help.


We offer several advantages for companies ready to conduct an Integrator search:


  • Our research-based hiring process is proven successful (and guaranteed).
  • For over seven years, we have specialized in hiring for long-term cultural alignment and bottom-line growth.
  • We operate on a fixed-fee basis, so you have greater certainty about your costs.
  • We are uniquely equipped to conduct comprehensive leadership evaluations, so you can be confident you are seeking the right person with the right abilities for your role.


Learn more about VisionSpark’s EOS-aligned approach to hiring.


“We needed to recruit for cultural fit and organizational alignment across sites and functions as we grow…we had used recruiting firms in the past but….your fee structure, approach, process, and services offered are totally different…your process works. I was happy with the entire process.” – Client