Leadership Search Services

We are most well-known for our Leadership Search Services. Here’s why:

First, we define your true hiring needs.

Then we customize our proven process using objective tools to thoroughly vet all applicants equally.

We get the right people in the right seats, the right way, and therefore we guarantee our work.

Our rigorous, five-step hiring process ensures alignment of skills, personality, values, and culture.






The VisionSpark process is based on the research and work of the late Ken Cardinal and his Associate, Bob Spence, architect of the Choosing Winners System™.

After working through this process, we present you with several qualified, top-performing candidates to choose from, all of whom fit with your company’s culture. You get the leaders you need — ones who will stay for the long term and help grow your company.

“Like many companies, my friends struggle with identifying, attracting and retaining talent. Mis-hires are legion. I believe the VisionSpark methodology offers a higher probability of success than conventional methods (e.g., headhunters, shallow searches, poor screening, inconsistent interviewing).”  – Mike Lauber, CEO, Tusco Display