Bethany Vasek

Assessment Specialist

Bethany joined the VisionSpark team in 2019. She specializes in interpreting the Achiever Assessment tool, which helps companies hire the right candidates and maximize the potential of their current employees.

Bethany has a degree in English education from Oral Roberts University. She previously taught middle school and high school English for several years before homeschooling her children for 16 years.

Bethany loves spending time with her husband, Tony, and their three kids, Maddie, AJ, and James. They live in Delaware, Ohio, on a pseudo-farm, complete with chickens, cats, and a dog. Bethany enjoys mentoring couples, counseling women, and learning about each person’s unique story. She loves people, values faith and family, and embraces opportunities to learn and grow.

Q. If you weren’t working for VisionSpark, what would you be doing?

A. My family and I would love to run a combination lodge/campground in our community. It would be focused on investing in others, connecting people with purpose, and helping each one see their value and worth.

Q. What are you doing personally or professionally to further your development?

A. I ask a lot of questions, and I enjoy digging for the answers. I surround myself with people who challenge me and keep me accountable. I read, listen to podcasts, and keep a written reminder of my goals. I plan time to dream about the future. Since I love people, I truly find it a joy to study them and learn as much as I can about who they are at their core.