Want bottom line growth this year? Hold employees accountable

Essential for the continued growth and success of any business is goal setting. Looking ahead, setting goals and planning to reach those goals are great things. Perhaps one of the most important things you can do in creating your strategic plan is to assign responsibilities. How will you hold leaders and employees accountable to the responsibilities and goals you’ve set? Here are 5 conditions that must be present in order to expect full accountability from your employees:

  1. The employee must know precisely what job he or she is charged with performing. The manager must confirm the current job description with specific responsibilities.
  2. The employee must have the capacity to do the job. Management can validate this by observing the employee on the job or by asking her to demonstrate.
  3. The employee must understand and agree with the manager’s standards for an acceptable piece of work. Thorough communication is key!
  4. A person held accountable for a job must be granted the necessary authority to complete the job. Management’s primary role is to eliminate barriers in order to allow the employee to perform.
  5. There should be a mutual understanding between the employee and his or her manager about how accountability will be demonstrated and measured.


Once these conditions are in place, you can hold employees to the expectations you’ve set. You’re on your way to achieving your 2015 objectives and continued success.