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why employee engagement matters now

Get Your Employee Engagement Right, Now

This article was updated on January 24, 2018 A slew of meaty studies have been published on employee engagement recently. Here’s a rundown of some interesting takeaways and what they mean for your business. Let’s Talk Impact: Why Does...

Why Do Stay Interviews?

Retain Company Leaders by Using Stay Interviews

Conduct regular stay interviews with every employee you can’t afford to lose in 2016. As you fine tune your company’s strategic plan for the coming year, consider that your key leaders may not be there to implement it. According...

hiring a players for your bottom line

What You Need To Know About Hiring “A Players”

  What is an A Player? Brad & Geoff Smart are well-known for their Topgrading approach to identifying A, B and C Players, which Chris Mursau, a VP at Topgrading describes in this post. Steve Jobs is also well...


Performance Evaluations: Are You Doing It Right?

  Today we have the great pleasure of introducing you to a dear friend of VisionSpark, Mr. Fred Crum. Fred worked at UPS in Operations Management and Human Resources for 35 years, and is founder and owner of Personnel...



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