Applicant Tracking System

Our Applicant Tracking System Automates Your Hiring Strategy 


If you have over two hundred entry-level employees and are in a high-turnover industry, our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help you save money on employee separations and workers’ compensation. Designed to complement our Achiever™ Assessment, the Employment Center ATS has built-in pre-screening and assessment tools.

 Stop Making Costly Hiring Mistakes! 


Hire Strategically, Every Time


By honing in on candidates’ “mental toughness” scores from the Achiever, you can make better predictions about which candidates are most likely to have more absences, and which are more likely to file workers’ compensation claims. With our ATS, your hiring decision makers can easily sort candidates based on job fit and qualities such as dependability, mental acuity, and flexibility. These factors directly correlate with retention and hiring costs.


Key Benefits:

  • Save money by selecting candidates less likely to file workers’ compensation claims
  • Reduce time and expenses related to employee turnover
  • Improve employee retention by making strategic hiring choices
  • Integrates with other Applicant Tracking Systems via API for greater convenience


The Employment Center ATS is a robust screening tool to save your company time and money.


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