Hire4Impact Proven Hiring System Training

Hire4Impact™ — Proven Hiring System Training

Are you looking for a long-term approach to hiring with predictable outcomes? Take back your hiring process with our proven system for long-term fit and bottom-line growth.

Our Hire4Impact System will show you:

  • How to hire for values
  • How to attract top performers
  • How to hire for long-term fit

VisionSpark will come to you and train your team on how to hire for fit. Our approach infuses your company’s culture into the hiring process. Participants in our Custom Hire4Impact Training walk away with proven strategies and tools to identify and recruit the right candidates every time you hire.

Take effective hiring into your own hands.

With our hiring process, you can:

  • Build healthy teams
  • Get more collaboration with less effort
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve employee morale
  • Reduce your dependence on recruiters
  • Stop financial drain caused by bad hires
  • Improve your company’s reputation with future job candidates

Custom Hiring System Training is best for:

  • Larger companies with 3+ people involved in the hiring process.
  • Companies located anywhere in the United States.
  • Companies making 3+ new hires this year.

We offer three custom training options:

  • Our Custom Hire4Impact Workshop is designed to get organizational buy-in.
  • Hire4Impact System Training focuses on hiring system implementation.
  • Our in-depth Train the Trainer exercise is for HR and hiring managers.

 Which option is right for you?
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Hire4Impact Training

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“The content of the presentation was excellent. Alec’s system is easy to understand, based upon years of research and field success….easy to implement and effective. My members rated it very highly. Several of my members have asked him to come back and train their personnel in this system. I highly recommend…”

— Jim Jelinek, Chair, Vistage International, Inc.

“I’ve checked [with our team members] who participated yesterday. They have uniformly noted how powerful, useful and insightful the training was for them. Driving this kind of methodology deeper within our organization helps us better ID what we need, who best fits the profile and how best to compete for talent…I look forward to recommending VisionSpark to other companies and using your services going forward.”

– Mike Lauber, Owner, Tusco Display

“Most companies still have their qualifications based on experience and education, but VisionSpark set in motion our company’s values by basing our hiring process on what we value, our goals, and how to create a culture conducive to what we believe from the get go. Best advice ever. Helps us stay on track and find the best employees out of a large pool of applicants.”

– Caity Dell, Mesh Fitness


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