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understanding corporate culture

Understanding Corporate Culture

  Editor’s note: We are pleased to share this guest post from Ken Ackerman, President of the Ackerman Company, a management advisory service in Columbus, Ohio. Ken is a respected thought leader in logistics and warehousing management, and edits and...

Communication the bridge to healthy organizational culture

Communication: The Bridge to Healthy Organizational Culture

  We are pleased to share a guest post from Maria Stevens, a coach who is dedicated to helping leaders achieve their personal and professional goals through training classes, coaching programs, and specialized consulting engagements focused on helping companies...

right people in the right seats freytag

Best Practices for Solving Your People Problems

Featuring Certified EOS Implementer™ Alex Freytag of ProfitWorks   Have you put off acting on a “people issue”? If you’ve hesitated to take action with an employee that seems to be in the wrong seat, you’re in good company....

solve your people problems

The Right Way to Solve Your People Problems

Featuring Certified EOS Implementer™ Alex Freytag of ProfitWorks   We recently published a post about why confidential searches are the wrong way to handle the replacement of “problem employees.” In this post, we are going to talk about the...

Jill Young

Cultivating a Courage Mindset to Change Your Company

This is a guest post from Jill E. Young about how to cultivate a courage mindset. It is based on her book In Courage: How Entrepreneurs and Their Leadership Teams Can Experience Less Pain in Growth Mode. Here’s a little bit...

confidential search blog 270x380

Why You’ll Regret Your Covert Search for a Key Hire

Co-authored by Bob Spence and Alec Broadfoot Have you ever had an employee who you knew you needed to fire but you put it off because they were in such an important position that letting them go would be...

Alec Broadfoot and Jill Young

Let the Silence Do the Heavy Lifting

    Guest post from Jill Young, Certified EOS Implementer and Author of “Earn It!” Learn more about Jill on her website, Download a sample chapter of her book by texting the word “chapter” to 44222.   It...

eos hiring chart stars and puppies

The Puppies and Stars Approach to Hiring

Editor’s Note: We are excited to share this guest post from Alex Freytag of ProfitWorks, an EOS® system implementer here in Columbus that helps business leaders get what they want from their business. This post was originally published on the EOS Worldwide...


Finding Talent (Going up against Google and Facebook)

Having trouble attracting talent? It’s an issue that we hear time and time again from our clients.We reached out to Bob Spence, board member VisionSpark and founder of the Choosing Winners System™ how he is winning talent over from...


Don’t Make These 7 Hiring Mistakes

There are a lot of ways to go wrong in hiring. Studies done by the University of Chicago have shown hiring success rates to hover around 50-55% – the equivalent of flipping a coin. Your company’s human capital should...



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